Looking for business or export development in China? Choose the right direction and let EWD-Compass support you in doing business directly in China. Through our offices in the Netherlands and China you’ll have access to knowledge of the local market and business culture and will be able to make use of our extensive network. With EWD-Compass you choose to do business in a transparent and secure way, while staying in charge.

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  3. The world has too many ships

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'The co-operation with EWD-Compass has proven to be of great value to our company, doing business in China was impossible to realize on our own'.

Arthur Cooijmans, Refitech b.v.

'Thanks to EWD-Compass we don't need to establish our own office in China.'

'EWD China coordinates and controls our orders according to our requirements and specifications.'


EWD-Compass B.V.
Werkmansbeemd 8b
4907 EW Oosterhout
The Netherlands


EWD-Compass Ningbo
Room 12B03
Shangdong International Building 1
No. 1926 Canghai Road
315041 Ningbo, China

Facts & Figures


EWD is located in the city of Ningbo. Many people have never heard of this city, but in terms of tonnage, the harbour of Ningbo-Zhoushan is the second biggest harbour in the world! Shanghai is still on top.
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In Chinese, "China" is written: 中国 Zhōng-Guó. These two characters literally mean Central - Country. This is because on the Chinese map of the world, China lays in the middle of the world; the most central and important country.
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There are more than 1,17 billion mobile phone users in China. In the Chinese city Chongqing, a special walking lane has been created for phone users, in order to avoid collisions.
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The export of Dutch beer to China is rapidly increasing. In 2009, the export amount was only 1,9 million USD. Since then, the export doubles every year. Last year, the export even tripled to a staggering amount of 66 million USD.
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