Looking for business or export development in China? Choose the right direction and let EWD-Compass support you in doing business directly in China.

Through our offices in the Netherlands and China you’ll have access to knowledge of the local market and business culture and will be able to make use of our extensive network.

With EWD-Compass you choose to do business in a transparent and secure way, while staying in charge.

EWD-COMPASS guides you along the way

Whether you wish to sell your products in China or Vietnam, or you wish to produce your products in Asia at attractive cost, EWD-Compass has a stable network of verified suppliers. Are you looking to set up a foreign entiity, EWD-Compass is familiar with the local laws and procedures.

Importing from China or Vietnam 进出口支持

Looking to explore the Chinese or Vietnamese market in terms of import and export? Feel free to contact us! 
Working together with Chinese or Vietnamese producers can be benificial to your business on multiple levels. 
Whether you are looking for a high efficient production or special requirements, EWD-Compass will support you with advice and know-how.
This will ensure you to comfortably import high quality products at low cost.


Importing from China or Vietnam 进出口支持

Aluminum extrusion profiles 铝型材挤压

We are experiencing a competitive market, consumers wish to purchase high quality products at low cost.
By producing your aluminum extrusion profiles in Asia, you are able to meet your consumer's demand to produce good quality at attractive prices.
EWD-Compass can assist you from the start of production until the actual import of your goods from China and/or Vietnam. 

Aluminum extrusion profiles 铝型材挤压

Steel constructions 钢结构施工

Your steel contruction products need to meet the highest safety demands, it is therefore important to always purchase your goods from reliable suppliers with a solid reputation.
EWD-Compass can assist you from the start of production until the actual import of your goods from China and/or Vietnam. 

Steel constructions 钢结构施工

Steel castings 铸钢件

You are looking for the right supplier, but finding a partner with the knowledge and same level of quality as yourself can be a challenge.
EWD-Compass has experience in working with proven suppliers that can produce your (semi) finished casted steel products, and can assist you in this process from start to finish. 

Steel castings 铸钢件

Glass fibre reinforced profiles 玻璃纤维

Your projects meet high safety demands, meanwhile you are forced to cut costs. Producing glassfibre reinforced profiles in China or Vietnam is therefore a viable option.
EWD-Compass can assist you from production all the way to importing your GRP items in a transparant and smooth cooperation. 


Glass fibre reinforced profiles 玻璃纤维

Aluminum die casting 铝压铸件

Your projects require aluminum die casting items. Producing these require precision and quality. You are looking to find a reliable and capable supplier that can meet your demands. 
EWD-Compass can guide you by using reputable suppliers that can produce high quality standard items at low costs.

Aluminum die casting 铝压铸件

More on export 出口

China has a huge consumer market!

Grab your chance to grow! 

More on export

Market research 市场调查

Even your product has potential in China! 

Reserach your export possibilities! 

Market Research

Foreign entity 在中国设立企业

Being locally present does have it's benefits.

Open up a sales office or foreignt entity!  

Establish operations in China

'The co-operation with EWD-Compass has proven to be of great value to our company, doing business in China was impossible to realize on our own'.

Arthur Cooijmans, Refitech b.v.

'Thanks to EWD-Compass we don't need to establish our own office in China.'

'EWD China coordinates and controls our orders according to our requirements and specifications.'


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